Strassenbahn Magazin

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Art. nr. 3812
Titel Strassenbahn Magazin
Utgåva 202105
Förs. dag 29 april 2021
I butik till 3 juni 2021
Pris Sverige 118.00 kr
Pris Norge 140.00 kr
Land Tyskland
Utgåvor 12 nr/år

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Magazine dealing with all that tram world has to offer! The magazine for all tram and suburban friends come out every month. It contains detailed reports of transport companies in Germany, Europe and worldwide, news about the automotive industry, innovations, changes in work practices and the networking, etc. The magazine is supplemented with a historical part where long-forgotten business is portrayed, it also includes vehicle descriptions, historical background and anecdotes. A separate editorial part of the paper explains the key innovations, investment suggestions, ideas, crafts and presents especially successful models and model systems.