Fine Woodworking

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Art. nr. 9662
Titel Fine Woodworking
Utgåva 202161
Förs. dag 16 mars 2021
I butik till 11 maj 2021
Pris Sverige 250.00 kr
Pris Norge 295.00 kr
Land USA
Utgåvor 4 nr/år

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We create a forum where accomplished woodworkers share what they know with fellow enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional cabinetmaker or just starting out, you ll find practical information about the techniques, tools and materials that go into work of lasting value. Like our magazine, books and videos, this Web site is created by woodworkers for woodworkers. Because Fine Woodworking authors and editors are woodworkers themselves, they can help make even complex techniques accessible. And we don t overlook the basics. Whether you prefer working with traditional hand tools or stationary power tools, solid lumber or veneers and wood composites, Fine Woodworking has something to offer. Bi-monthly.