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Art. nr. 0119
Titel Tmrw magazine
Utgåva 202002
Förs. dag 24 mars 2020
I butik till 28 april 2020
Pris Sverige 185.00 kr
Pris Norge 195.00 kr
Land Frankrike
Utgåvor 6 nr/år

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Whether it¿s sitting down for a chat with your favorite popstar, analyzing the rise (and rise) of west coast skate culture, or discussing how social media has mobilized a new, post-internet political class, we¿ve got both eyes on what¿s happening next ¿ and why. Put together by a family of young writers, photographers and artists, tmrw is an independent lifestyle bible meets alternative encyclopedia, that packages culture in a manner that is both unique and radical. Music, film, fashion, youth, politics, art, design, photography, food, tech, travel; it¿s all of your favorite things, as you¿ve never seen them before. We reckon it¿s the least you deserve.