Patchwork & Nähen SH

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Art. nr. 5041
Titel Patchwork & Nähen SH
Utgåva 202001
Förs. dag 28 maj 2020
I butik till 23 juli 2020
Pris Sverige 105.00 kr
Pris Norge 124.00 kr
Land Tyskland
Utgåvor 2 nr/år

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Be creative with up-to-date materials! In this special edition of PATCHWORK SPEZIAL more than 40 great ideas will be presented to all of those who wish to beautify their homes with self-sewn things. Gorgeous quilts from Japanese woven fabrics, linen fabrics and other colourful patchwork materials, ornamental wall decorations, chic bags as well as lot of cute kids stuff can easily be reworked with the aid of detailed instructions and drawings. The ideas presented here are perfectly matched to the materials and provide plenty of inspiration to all sewing fans.