Art (DE)

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Art. nr. 7034
Titel Art (DE)
Utgåva 202103
Förs. dag 2 mars 2021
I butik till 6 april 2021
Pris Sverige 180.00 kr
Pris Norge 209.00 kr
Land Tyskland
Utgåvor 12 nr/år

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Each month "art" covers the most important events from the art scene - from painting, sculpturing and photography to architecture and design. "art" informs regularly about the most important dates: exhibitions, art fairs and auctions. For nearly 33 years, the German "art" has become increasingly popular both in Germany and abroad. The publisher has therefore decided to launch an English edition in addition to the German edition from March 2012. The first 18 pages of "art English" are a translation of the most interesting reports from the German edition. The remaining pages will be in German.